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Release Status

Release Date Version Notes
February 16, 2004 Alpha-0.04-Basic
  1. Distutils installation process
  2. Improved documentation including more detailed installation instructions
  3. Added Brick features:
    • cookie support
    • redirection support
    • connection pool support
    • HTTP/HTTPS support
    • GET/POST with form field support
  4. Added Instrumentation Recorders interface
    • file recorder
    • MySQL database support
September 12,2003
  1. Improved documentation including a more detailed Brick User Guide
  2. Added Brick features:
    • jabber support
    • daemon support
    • config file support
    • logging config file support
    • streamlined option interface
  3. New Modules:
    • addanc.commander - alpha prototype for monitoring and controlling daemonized bricks 
    • addanc.sink
    • addanc.examples (including
    • addanc.tests
September 1, 2003
Alpha-0.02-brick only Documentation added to initial source code release
August 24, 2003
Alpha-0.01-brick only Initial Addanc Brick and Sink source code release

Short Term Features Plans

The following features are planned for inclusion in Addanc in the next several several releases:
  1. Python scripting support for computing form field values, response behavior, etc.
  2. Commander component with jabber communication support and real time test queue monitoring,
  3. Variable wait times.

Intermediate Term Feature Plans

The following features are planned for inclusion in the intermediate time frame (outside the next several releases):
  1. Real time instrumentation monitoring,
  2. Full HTTP 1.1 support including keep-alive and chunking, and
  3. Utility for creating script files by browsing web interface.

Page Updated: 02/15/2004