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Addanc Reference Manual
Addanc User Guide

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Brick User Guide

  1. Introduction to Addanc Testing
    1. Arrival Rate Testing
    2. Steps to Addanc Testing
    3. Addanc Scaling - Multiple instances on a single workstation/server
    4. Addanc Scaling - Multiple workstations/servers
  2. Brick Command Line Options
  3. Brick in Daemon mode
  4. Brick Configuration Files
    1. Brick Configuration File
    2. Brick Logging Configuration File
  5. Script Files
    1. Script XML Specification
    2. Sample Script XML
  6. Instrumentation
    1. Instrumentation Data
    2. Instrumentation Recorders
    3. File Recorder
      1. File Description
      2. Sample Instrumentation File
    4. MySQL Recorder
      1. Test ID
      2. Configuring the recorder
      3. Database schema

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Page Updated: 02/09/2004